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How to port-forward on a BT HomeHub.
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How to port-forward on a BT HomeHub.
How to port forward

On a BT Home Hub


What does port forwarding do ?

Port forwarding simply opens ports on your router, This is so connections can go through it on that specific port (In and out). This is very important if you want to use things like R.A.T's, Keyloggers it is even helpful for things like Utorrent and has been know to increase your download speeds.


Step one

OK so first you want to go to 'Start' > 'Run' > Type in: CMD or if you are on Vista and above you can go to 'Start' and then in the search bar type: CMD, This opens up command prompt. Ok in command prompt type in 'IPCONFIG' (Without the quotes) and then hit enter. This will give you a bunch of random stuff as well as your computer and router IPs

Here is a screenshot of what you will get / need: Step two

In your address bar you will need to type the IP address you got from step one and then hit enter.

Picture: It should then take you to to the routers configuration page (in our case BT Home Hub)

The page you should get (this may vary depending on router version): Step three

OK so now on the top bar (On the routers page) you need to go to 'Settings' You will find that you need to have a password, If you have already set one up then enter that and go to the next step otherwise you will need to set it up. It is really easy to set up all you have to do is get the password off the back of you home hub and then enter it and then it should allow you to set up a password (Use one that you will remember)

Password screen: Step four

OK after entering/setting up your password you should be now in the settings page. Now on the top bar find and click 'Advanced settings' then on the next screen click 'Continue to advanced settings' . The on the top bar find and click 'Application Sharing'. Then on the top bar again find and click 'Supported Applications'

Here is the page you should get: Step five

OK now click on 'Add a new game or application' Type a name for your application, This can be anything you want but you must remember it. Make sure that 'Copy existing application' is checked as 'No'

OK now for the sake of this tutorial I am port forwarding port: 82 (change where I write my port number to your port number) (before doing this go to http://www.canyouseeme.org and check weather it is open or not, if it is open then you are good to go and don't need to port forward) OK in all four boxes type 'Your port number' (making sure both protocol drop down boxes are on TCP) then click 'Add' then type 'Your port number' again in all four boxes BUT this time make sure both protocol drop down boxes are UDP. Then simply hit 'Apply'

Here is a picture: Step six

In the top bar go to 'Configuration' and under the 'Game or application' drop down box find the name of the application you just made and then click it. Then in the 'Device' drop down box, find your computer name and click it. Then click on 'Add then click 'Apply, then you are done. Check weather your port is open at http://www.canyouseeme.org if it isn't open then you might of missed something so re-read or PM me.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, I hope you enjoy.


05-20-2011 07:57 PM

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